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September 2013 Issue


Our girl, Maaya, Can Ch Blacklace Opal Isle of Maaya CGN RA JH CD WC Am CGC has been giving us such exciting time particularly as owners who had never handled a dog in any official trials or tests before.


Starting with the Rally trials at Dumbbell Obedience Club in late April which we didn't really expect much but just hoped to have fun with her as a warming-up session for future trials!  Not even knowing how those trials would proceed, we managed to complete the trials and found that she did not only qualify but actually competed for HICs with the other among the multiple entries!  In the next 2 Rally trials held by the Tyee Kennel Club, she finished her RN and started with her 1st leg of RA with both HICs!  On the same weekend, we also had our very first 2 Obedience trials at the same club, (Tyee Kennel Club) and again, didn't totally expect much...more that I regretted very badly that we skipped PCD and entered her for CD instead….  Contrary to our expectation, we were completely stunned by the results that she easily qualified both the trials and got her first 2 legs of CD right there!  That was one unbelievable moment to me when the judge informed us of her qualifying!  We decided to enter her in the upcoming trials a few weeks after that as I was getting more comfortable being in a trial ring with her, so she had 2 Rally and 2 Obedience trials at Richmond Dog Fanciers.  Again, it was very successful and she advanced her RN to RA title and completed her CD title with all the trials qualified plus 3 HICs on that weekend!  


In between these Rally and Obedience trials, she also finished her JH title which we really wanted her to have since she is a retriever!  We would like to express our thanks to Michael & Amanda Rigby for spending their precious time to help us train our girl with a group of flatcoat people which they organized and giving us very helpful advice.  This wouldn't happen so easily without their fabulous help!  We “as beginner trainers” were stuck for about 10 months being unable to find anyone who we could train with after we had done some basic field training.  The training sessions were just wonderful opportunity for us to move forward and were very fun training with the other flatcoats and their owners!



Blacklace Opal Isle of Maaya, Flat coated Retrievers, Flatcoats

What makes us so proud of Maaya is that these titles were done with straight qualifying scores in a little over one month by her 2nd birthday!!  It definitely kept us busy but with such great results she achieved, we had nothing to complain and were just so thrilled!!!  


As for her career in conformation shows, she is only one point away from her GCh title.  She earned her GCh points from all the shows she has been in.  These points were from either her BOB or BOS wins, mostly her BOB wins over more matured (Ch and class) males & females and only a few youngsters!  We can’t believe how well she’s done all these and she is still just over 2 years of age!!  We look forward to doing more fun stuff with her!


We appreciate Kathy Kondrat (her breeder) for letting us have such a wonderful girl.  It’s just so much fun!!!


Chizuko & Donald Hamade


PS: Not far off from her last title achievement, her title WC is a new title that she just added on Jul 13!  Very Exciting!!!

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