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May 2015 Issue



Our winter months have quietly passed so far and we are kind used this relaxing pace.  But we already noticed that the day time is now getting longer every day that we should be going back to field for training which we and Maaya enjoy again soon!


Although it’s been quiet comparing to our summer months, we have a couple things to report.  Maaya achieved another new title, Am Rally Advance and that is her 8th title of the year to finish her 2014!  She now has the total of 19 titles including conformation, field & obedience titles from both CKC & AKC.


In January, we were surprised to hear from the AKC noting that Maaya qualified to enter in the AKC 2015 Rally National Championship being held in Missouri because of her well performance done in the trials in 2014!  Though we won’t be doing it since it is a little too far, it was wonderful to hear that what she had achieved in the previous year was recognized in any way!     


It is also getting warmer here in BC.  We can’t wait to have a bit warm weather and hopefully nice one again just like last summer!  Being in BC, you never know when you get rain.  Either way, we will sure enjoy being outdoor.  We know we will continue to have fun with her whether it is field, obedience or maybe some new area!!  We also know that it will get harder for us to advance her titles but if she does that, that will be awesome bonus!!


Hope you will have wonderful 2015 and enjoy your flattie(s)!!


Chizuko & Donald & Maaya, Can GCh / Am Ch Blacklace Opal Isle of Maaya Can CGN CDX RE SH WCI Am CGC CD RA WCX.  

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