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Let us tell you about ourselves!


I am naturally an animal lover ever since I believe, I was born.  As dogs have always been around me, they are my favorite four legged friends!  My husband wasn't sure if he liked dogs or not since his family had never had any animal in their household but you will tell how much he now loves dogs!


Our first flatcoat was meant to be a pet dog but as some flatcoat breeders' opinions of her show quality given to us, we started having an interest of showing my dog.  We ended up completing her Championship!  We also trained her obedience but didn't get to compete in an actual trial with her.  Whatever she did whether being good or a bit naughty, she always made us happy and smile as she had true flatcoat personality...and she was a reason that we fell in love with the breed, flatcoats!!  The moment we had her, my husband couldn't deny to know that he was an animal lover too and as the more he spent time with the dog, the more he became a dog lover!!  He now can't help not to say "hello" to any friendly dogs he sees!


As we know that Flatcoats are our dogs to be, no doubt choosing other breeds for our dogs after that but choosing a right one for us becomes more important. And our dogs' health is our 1st priority so that we can enjoy doing whether it is a show, trial, test or just even play with our dogs!  It's been great success with our dogs in conformation shows, obedience trials and hunt tests in Canada and USA.  And we continue to work on those for further success!!

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