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December 2013 Issue


Some updates on Maaya, Can GCh Blacklace Opal Isle of Maaya CGN CD RE JH WC Am CGC CD from the Blacklace family!  We are very happy to announce that Maaya has achieved 3 more titles added/advanced since the last newsletter we submitted for the September issue of Flatout! 


The 1st title of the 3 which she has achieved is a Grand Champion title.  Maaya had needed only 1 more point to be awarded a Canadian GCh as noted on the last Flatout and earned the GCh points at her very next show and became a New Canadian Grand Champion in July!  And she even got some extra GCh points on the next day over the other specials!!  Per the current CKC record (as of Middle of Aug 2013), she is the 1st ever female Flatcoat to achieve the GCh title and is the only female Flatcoat who holds the title! (subject to a delayed submission of GCh application.)


The 2nd title of the 3 which she has achieved is a Rally Excellent title.  Maaya is a dog who just can’t stand being in the sun…knowing that we entered her in the Kamloops outdoor trials and crossed our fingers for decent weather.  On the days of the trials, it turned out to be such gorgeous days but my wish didn’t come true - it was very hot for outdoor trials.  Even I, myself didn’t want to move around and that we weren’t sure how she would perform in such heat right under the afternoon sun.  Whatever the weather was, we were so pleased that she managed to perform well and got 2 legs there, and successfully finished to advance her Rally title last month in October.

Blacklace Opal Isle of Maaya, Flat coated Retrievers, Flatcoats

The last title of the 3 which she has just recently achieved is an Am CD title with 3 straight qualifying scores again in one weekend.  Maaya was put in a challenging situation in the sits & down exercise in the 2 trials.  It is supposed to be a quiet exercise as you may know but in these particular ones, there was quite some traffic going on in the ring - one of the dogs started wandering around and the other dog copied him while the other also started standing, the judge, ring steward and owners of them tried to get those dogs etc.  The time normally doesn’t go by quickly for me as the actual time passing by when I am in this exercise and am sure that most of handlers who are in this exercise would probably feel the same.  But these 2 trials, I felt they were terribly long! It was a quite situation for a young dog who is always looking for fun but she was able to stay still observing what was going on, checking on me to figure herself what she needed to do!  In the end, she placed the 1st in class in all 3 trials and added the 3 more beautiful rosettes to her collection!!


Just looking back this year, how much we have enjoyed spending fun time with our girl, Maaya who has come along in many different ways.  As a result, she has achieved the total of 10 titles this year in 2013 which made us extremely proud of her!! 


Maaya is now pointed for an Am Conformation Champion title.  She recently had very successful showing in 4 day shows.  Although, we unfortunately had to withdraw her from one day of these shows due to unexpected injury but all the other three days, she was awarded a BOW twice and WB!  This young lady even took a BOS over one of the top Flatcoats in the country!! We are so thrilled!


We will keep up with training with her and will send more updates as we have more fun time with her!


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